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    【Product name】MAP、GMAP
    Appearance:Granular solid with a grayish appearance; White or light colored powder, no obvious crystallization phenomenon.
    【CAS No】7722-16-1
    【Main technical specifications】GMAP (60%):Total nutrient(TN+AP2O5)Content≥60.0%,Total nitrogen(TN)≥9.0%,Available phosphorus(AP2O5)≥49.0%,Percentage of water-soluble phosphorus(WP2O5 /AP2O5)≥90.0%,Free water≤4.0%。Granular product size(2~4mm)≥90.0%,Particle average compressive strength≥30.0N/grain。Other products and indicators are shown in product packaging bags or through business telephone consultation. Description of other ingredients: the product also contains calcium, magnesium, sulfur, silicon, iron and other crops growth needs medium amount, trace elements.
    【Product identification】
    Execution standard:GB 10205-2009