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    Cal Hypochlorite (calcium)

    CAS NO: 7778-54-3
    Chemical formula:Ca(ClO)2

    Execution standard:GB/T10666-2008
    Color:White or grayish
    State:Granule, powder, powder
    Effective chlorine content:60%, 65%±3%

    1.Used for bleaching wooden OARS, silk, cloth and fiber
    2.Sterilization and sterilization. Water treatment
    3.Chemical agents, disinfectants of radioactive substances
    4.Aquaculture, animal husbandry;
    Conventional packing: 45 kg /50 kg plastic drums, 50 kg iron drums

    Method of use
    1. 00kg 65% bleaching powder concentrate added to 1 ton of water can be prepared into a bleaching solution with an effective chlorine content of 6.5%
    2.1 ton of water can be combined with 1.7 grams of bleaching powder to form a disinfectant water with an efficiency of 1 million parts per million.